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2015 Event Schedule,
More Rules, and More Info

Just Added.....
2015 World Figure 8 Car Rules
(formerly the Late Models)
2015 Stock Rules
2015 Roadrunner Rules
2015 Hornet Rules

2014 "Big Event" Winners

"Big Ed" Bishop Memorial Figure 8
Mark Tunny

Brian Luttrell Memorial Figure 8
Larry Hahn

U.S. Figure 8 Championship
Mark Tunny

Mel Kenyon Classic
Cole Fehr

Jake Cohen Memorial Figure 8
RJ Norton Jr

Sonny Thompson Memorial Figure 8
Austin Tunny

Phyllis Tunny Memorial Figure 8
Ben Tunny

Kenny's Stock 100
Larry Hahn

Pepsi 100 Figure 8
Mark Tunny

Stock Championship 50-Lap Figure 8
Lee Schwartz

1-Hour Figure 8 Endurance Race
Doug Greig

World Figure 8 Championship
Danny Smith

Hornet All Star 200
Mason Keller

Advance Auto Sales 150 Figure 8
Fred Bear Jr

Safe Haven/Peters Auto 100 Figure 8
Victor Rybolt

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Jesse Tunny - Late Models

Victor Rybolt - Stocks

Herbie Conrad
Roadrunner July/August

Ricky Martin
Roadrunner April/May/June

Don VanValkenburg III
Hornet July/August

Robert Eversole
Hornet April/May/June

Jordan Brickley
Jr Faskart July/August

Levei Hargraves
Jr Faskart April/May/June

Jeffrey Shackelford
Jr Hornet July/August

Quentin White
Jr Hornet April/May/June

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