April 27, 2013 Results

IndyAutoRecyclers.com Roadrunners
Heat Winners - Casey Lee, David Hartsock
20-Lap Feature
1 Johnny Byrd
2 Justin Dibbern
3 Brian Canter***
4 David Lee Byrd
5 Casey Lee
6 Aaron Smay
7 Steve Butterfield
8 Billy Pittman
9 Carl Adam West
10 Nate Canter
11 David Hartsock
*** Brian Canter wins the 2013 Spring Fling Roadrunner Championship

One Way Auto Parts Late Models
Fast Qualifier - Ben Tunny 13.299
Heat Winners - Jeff Shackelford, Bobby Whitaker
Late Model oval & Figure 8 features lost due to rain

Advance Auto Sales Stocks
Fast Qualifier - Larry Hahn 13.719
Heat Winners - Jacob Garrigus, Shane Brothers
Stock feature lost due to rain

Heat Winners - Tim Smith, Don VanValkenburg III
Hornet feature lost due to rain
*** Cody Shumaker wins the 2013 Spring Fling Hornet Championship

All Junior Hornet and Circle City Pyrotechnics Junior Faskart events lost due to rain
***2013 Junior Spring Fling Championships to be decided May 4th with double features