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35th Annual World Figure 8 Championship presented by Pure Power Technologies & the United Auto Workers September 8-10, 2011 at the World's Home of the Figure 8 The Indianapolis Speedrome

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World Figure 8® Championship

World's Home of the Figure8®
Indianapolis Speedrome®



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(click on the YEAR to get the full stats)
Year Champion Laps 2nd Place Laps 3rd Place Laps SONNY EATON SONNY THOMPSON
1977 Jim Fox 253 Bob Belz 241 Ron Hargesheimer 210 MEMORIAL AWARD MEMORIAL AWARD
1978 Kenny St. John 454 Jim Fox 453 Bob Studt 446 Rookie of the Race Best Start-Finish Improvement
1979 Kenny St. John 453 Jim Tunny 421 Jim Fox 410 Rick Tomasik, Danville, IN Mike Harsin, Indianapolis, IN
1980 Kenny St. John 478 Bob Studt 476 Chuck Hall 445 Gary Haskett, Noblesville, IN Randy Watson, Indianapolis, IN
1981 Kenny St. John 512 Wayne Arnold 493 Chuck Hall 485 Gary Earley, S. Rockwood, MI Duane Mertens, Danube, MN
1982 Kenny St. John 487 Mike St. John 483 Rance Harmon 467 Lyle Heiss, Rockwood, MI Rance Harmon, Louisville, KY
1983 Wayne Arnold 470 Chuck Hall 468 Ray Bray 434 Dempsey Apperson, S. Rockwood, MI Larry Harris, Indianapolis, IN
1984 Bobby Ellett 351 Jim Fox 318 Jerry Gordon 307 Dave Lambert, S. Rockwood, MI Bill Tunny Jr., Indianapolis, IN
1985 Wayne Arnold 366 Rance Harmon 347 Ray Gaddis 331 Kevin Phegley, Indianapolis, IN Ken Carpenter, Walled Lake, MI
1986 Rance Harmon 411 Wayne Arnold 410 Charlie Reed 393 Joe McKinney, Anderson, IN Joe Lowe, Indianapolis, IN
1987 Mike St. John 299 Bob Studt 287 Jack Dossey Jr. 279 Bill Riley Jr., Jeffersonville, IN Bob Studt, Dearborn Hts., MI
1988 Leonard Basham 338 Rance Harmon 324 Bob Studt 322 Charles Coles, Indianapolis, IN Ken Carpenter, Walled Lake, MI
1989 Wayne Arnold 337 Ronnie Clontz 327 Jack Dandy 319 Darwin Blankenship, New Castle, IN Robbie Loving, Romulus, MI
1990 Mike St. John 339 Bob Studt 336 Leonard Basham 336 Boyd Butcher, Indianapolis, IN Bob Studt, Dearborn Hts., MI
1991 Mike St. John 347 Wayne Arnold 347 Duane Lee 339 Pat Pierce, Louisville, KY Dale Knauss, Indianapolis, IN
1992 Duane Lee 378 Rodney Sizemore 372 Bill Tunny Jr. 355 Rodney Sizemore, Indianapolis, IN Robbie Loving, Romulus, MI
1993 Jack Dossey Jr. 354 Mike St. John 354 Duane Lee 349 Gary Bedell, Indianapolis, IN Frank Norman, Indianapolis, IN
1994 Jack Dossey Jr. 403 Duane Lee 400 Leonard Basham 381 Roger Vincent, Louisville, KY Jack Smith, Indianapolis, IN
1995 Duane Lee 431 Jack Dossey Jr. 430 Danny Turner 422 Mike Haskett, Noblesville, IN Scott Martin, Indianapolis, IN
1996 Jack Dossey Jr. 399 Fred Bear Jr. 396 Robert Amos 389 Jerry Lee Ward, Indianapolis, IN Jerry Lee Ward, Indianapolis, IN
1997 Jack Dossey Jr. 451 Duane Lee 448 Bruce Tunny 445 John Conner Jr., Greenfield, IN Steve Ridener, Indianapolis, IN
1998 Jack Dossey Jr. 413 Rich Fenwick 413 Duane Lee 408 Gordon Brown, Largo, FL Kevin Ford, Speedway, IN
1999 Jack Dossey Jr. 495 Duane Lee 491 Bill Tunny Jr. 480 Jeremy Miller, Flat Rock, MI Mike Hughes, Franklin, IN
2000 Bruce Tunny 430 Rodney Sizemore 426 Rich Fenwick 424 Don Eslick, Seattle, WA Billy Allen, Taylor, MI
2001 Bobby Douthitt 435 Danny Turner 428 Wayne Arnold 426 Artie B Ware, Louisville, KY Donnie Garrigus II, Indpls, IN
2002 Curtis McMurtrey 434 Jack Dossey Jr 431 Rodney Sizemore 428 Billy Ziemann, Bloomington, CA Leonard Basham Jeffersonville, KY
2003 Bill Tunny Jr 441 George Sutton 438 Doug Greig 426 Danny Smith Fairdale, KY Jeff Shackelford Indpls, IN
2004 Bruce Tunny 486 Jeff Shackelford 476 Corey Turner (R) 461 Corey Turner Indianapolis, IN. Zeke Skaggs Louisville, KY.
2005 Bruce Tunny 490 Mark Harmon (R) 484 Rodney Sizemore 484 461 Mark Harmon Louisville, KY. Bruce Tunny Indianapolis, IN.
2006 Curtis McMurtrey 445 Bill Tunny Jr. 442 Mark Harmon 440 Rod Proctor Riverside, CA. Mike Nelson Indianapolis, IN.
2007 Doug Greig 413 Bruce Tunny 412 Ben Tunny 411 Jimmy Kirby Indianapolis, IN. Donnie Garrigus III Indpls. IN.
2008 Fred Bear Jr. 467 Jesse Tunny 466 Leonard Basham 461 Chris Harmon Louisville, Kentucky Wayne Calkins Tampa, Florida
2009 Ben Tunny 455 Doug Greig 439 Rodney Sizemore 435 R.J. Norton III Indianapolis, Indiana Matt Clark Indianapolis, Indiana
2010 RJ Norton Jr. 397 Chris Harmon 395 Bruce Tunny 379 Jay Henson Oak Hills,, California Chris Green Indianapolis, Indiana

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